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How Advertising is Evolving: From “In Your Face Ads” to Sponsored Experiences

Today, people automatically tune out display advertising in mobile and digital solutions. And with all the ad blocker solutions available now, there needs to be a better way for advertisers to more meaningfully interact and reach users.  We can learn a lot from the analog world and apply it in the digital world. We need to move from interruptive, “in your face” ads to sponsored experiences.

What is a sponsored experience?

One of the examples that come to mind from the “real” world are Sephora makeup sessions: When a customer walks into Sephora to get a free makeup session using the products brands want to promote as Sephora, that’s a sponsored experience.

How can we create sponsored experiences in the mobile world?

Advertising needs to evolve. Smartphone screens are very small (even though they have grown into phablets), and display ads take too much of that screen real estate. Hersh Choksi, VP Products & Strategy at Flightly, an exclusive Twitter advertising partner, agrees: “Mobile has been much faster to adopt native advertising, which aligns more with the idea of a sponsored experience rather than an interruptive ad.”

In today’s digital world, we see a shift towards convenience and instant gratification.  A recent Quixey Mobile Consumer Survey found that 75 percent of people ages 18-34 cite having access to content all in one place as what they like best about a mobile web browser. Sponsored experiences can be part of this mobile content, and would provide users a convenient experience on their smartphones without having to leave the mobile app or browser experience they are currently in. So how can we provide meaningful experiences for brands that relate with users?

Here are some examples and use cases for sponsored experiences in the mobile world:

Meeting Locations

Many of us use our smartphones to coordinate when and where we are going to meet with colleagues and friends. When we are searching for that cool restaurant or bar, wouldn’t it make sense for either the location apps or restaurants themselves to pay to appear right there, at your fingertips


Once we decide on the place and time, we need to get there! Why couldn’t there be a sponsored experience transportation option here, at this time, to take an Uber or a Lyft? Sponsored or subsidized by the transportation company, or for the transportation company to pay for the option to appear at this time.

Music for Fitness

Let’s assume you are one of those people that track their physical activity while exercising; using apps to track your ride or map your run, etc. Let’s also assume you like to listen to some music to “pump you up” and energize you while exercising. Today you need to open your fitness apps and then go and open another music app to find that music. What if Pandora or Spotify would offer you a sponsored “Work out music” option within the fitness app itself?

I hope you can appreciate in the examples above how sponsored experiences can be meaningful to users and not be considered interruptive. If you are interested in learning more about how Quixey is enhancing sponsored experiences, check out Deep View Cards for ads at Quixey.com/ads.