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Quixey Hackfest 2016

This past October, the global Quixey team from Mountain View, Beijing and India came together for a weekend of blood, sweat and code. The Quixey Hackfest is a weekend hackathon for small teams competing to implement the coolest, most innovative and most impactful ideas. Twenty-eight teams pitched awesome projects to the entire company. A panel of three judges (including two non-Quixey judges) heard the pitches, and awarded seven teams with glory and prizes.

This hackfest opened our minds to new ideas. In the face of everyday frenetic activity, the ups and downs of tech start-up work, it’s important to take a step back, and give ourselves the room to think, explore and work in new and diverse directions.

The resulting projects were very diverse and supremely awesome!

Teams queued up to present a short pitch, as if their project was a bootstrapped start-up. Overall winner Skillset demonstrated Quixey’s Action Search supporting a variety of skills on Amazon’s Alexa platform. Hack Ok Google managed to override the hands-free voice controls of Google Assistant to navigate and manipulate any application and send notifications to a smartwatch. One of the crowd favorites, Touch Me Not implemented a full end-to-end voice interface for interacting with any app. AutoDroid delivered an impressive automation of deep links across apps on mobile phones.

Our panel of judges evaluated each of the projects with an eye to what’s unique, awesome and meaningful. At the end, four projects were awarded, along with three other Quixier favorite hacks.

Stay tuned for more posts outlining some of the great work!

Check out the winner: Skillset: A general-purpose skill on Alexa