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Quixey survey reveals the mobile experience is broken: Consumers want all the value of apps, but in an easier, more convenient way

In today’s increasingly mobile world, people have replaced tasks that typically were done on a laptop or a desktop with a click or swipe from their mobile device. This includes everything from buying tickets, to shopping, to making reservations and more. As this becomes the new norm, it becomes even more of a priority to deliver a seamless user experience -whether it is from the mobile web browser or from mobile apps themselves. Which begs the question: which one do consumers prefer?

But the real question is, should consumers really have to make a choice between the two platforms? Can the evolving app ecosystem exist without the actual app and is that something consumers support? Quixey conducted an online survey in December of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers to find out what their mobile preferences really are. The survey asked questions regarding consumer usage with mobile web, mobile apps and ad blockers.

Key survey findings include:

Mobile Web vs. Mobile App: An Argument for EachAd Blocking On the RiseMillennials Want Instant Gratification

Overall, the survey found that the mobile experience today is broken. Consumers care most about being able to use their phone to do what they want while on the go regardless of whether it’s from the mobile web or a mobile app. Mobile web provides a wealth of information, but it doesn’t provide all the functions of apps which deliver a superior user experience. Conversely, applications today are siloed pieces of software that don’t work together seamlessly. As phones become the primary tool for consumers to get information and complete tasks, it will become increasingly important to be able to find a way to offer all the functions that exist within apps and make them accessible to consumers without the app itself. We need to create an ecosystem that is not so severely tied to the app, but tied to the dynamic, real-time information people rely on to get tasks done.

The future of the mobile experience is evolving and will be about bringing app functionality to users contextually and proactively, not just bringing users to apps where they have to search for the right functions. Quixey’s latest survey supports this shift in thinking. As app mining technology becomes more advanced, ensuring there is technology that can deliver the experiences consumers want is critical.


Quixey commissioned SHIFT Communications to survey US online consumers about their mobile preferences. The survey was shown to 2,133 people age 18+ with 1,059 responses, a 54% response rate, with an RMSE score of 1.5%. The survey was weighted against the US Census Bureau Current Population Survey for age, gender, and region of the United States to be representative of the population. Quixey was the sole investor in the survey. The survey period was Dec. 7, 2015 – Dec. 8, 2015. For full data results email Quixey@shiftcomm.com