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The Importance of Advertising in the Moment

Research shows that consumers rely on their mobile devices throughout the entire buying cycle, from the initial idea through to shopping, purchasing and sharing that purchase on their social networks. This isn’t altogether surprising, given the level of attachment most consumers have to their mobile devices these days and the plethora of information they have available at their fingertips. However, what is surprising is that 70 percent of conversions happen within the first five hours of mobile search. This leaves advertisers with a very short window of time to hook prospective customers, and when you take into consideration all of the different ways they can go on to make that “final purchase” (e.g., mobile, PC, phone call, in-store), the process becomes even more complex.

The Problem with Mobile Today

While strategies such as ad retargeting, particularly on social networks, and location-based marketing have made a massive impact in terms of helping advertisers reach consumers during those critical hours in the buying cycle, the industry still has a ways to go when it comes to creating a truly seamless experience for mobile users. Simply put, there are still too many purchasing barriers on mobile, particularly when it comes to consumers getting what they need within apps. This is probably why two out of three customers prefer accessing a mobile website over a mobile app. The need to download apps and then search within each individual app in order to find what they need and complete a transaction creates way too much friction. But this should come as no surprise, mobile websites don’t always make things easier because they too can be very difficult to navigate.

Evolving the Mobile Landscape

Mobile may now the most used digital platform, but it’s still very much in its early stages. When it comes to mobile search, consumers shouldn’t need to search through multiple apps in order to get the information they need and complete actions, and that’s a problem we here at Quixey have set out to tackle. In fact, we recently launched a new product called Deep View Cards™ to offer the easiest way possible to deliver single app functionalities, whether it’s purchasing a product or finding a flight deal, to people even when they aren’t in an app. This means they’ll be able to take immediate action and complete a transaction without ever leaving the card or platform they want to be on. In turn, this will transform how advertisers are able to engage with consumers in the moment. As mobile usage continues to grow rapidly, we are looking forward to this type of mobile access becoming the new norm.