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The Personal Digital Assistant Already in Your Pocket

There’s been a lot of excitement around personal digital assistants, with great devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home drawing plenty of attention, and costing consumers more than $100.

So what happens when you leave the living room?  You’re not going to carry an Echo in your pocket!

Given the amount of time people spend on their phones, and within apps, we view the phone as the ubiquitous device, and we think any digital assistant experience needs to include the phone. Moreover, mobile apps frequently contain the action that best responds to the user’s query.  With Quixey, a user on the go can speak to his or her phone and launch the right action in the right app at the right time.

Here’s the experience possible using Quixey Deep Search with Instant Actions.

No other digital assistant today has created such a useful native experience for your phone, allowing you to seamlessly traverse multiple personal functions across multiple apps. No other assistant (including Google Assistant on Pixel) has taken the approach of analyzing apps, and launching you into the right action in an app in response to your query.

Quixey’s App Cloud and Function Matching enables this even when deep links don’t exist in the app, and without requiring registering credentials or sacrificing privacy. Developers don’t need to create and maintain APIs that expose only a small fraction of their mobile app functionality, while also losing their custom app experiences.

We think this is the best smart assistant experience available for your phone today.