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The Super Bowl’s Opportunity for Mobile Marketers

As the Super Bowl draws near, taking place right around the corner from Quixey’s Mountain View office, it felt right to share some marketing insights as we approach one of the biggest TV spectacles of the year. The Super Bowl has historically been known for being TV marketers’ biggest stage. The “who’s who” of advertising showcase multimillion dollar commercials, each hoping to reach mass audiences.

But over the recent years, we have seen a significant shift from the mass awareness and branding that TV offers, to a more targeted, personalized digital advertising approach. What is interesting about the Super Bowl is how people travel for the event. They make their way to a friend’s, they go to a bar, host parties and gather in groups. Therefore, it is critical to reach consumers at the moment in time, during and around the Super Bowl, when they are most likely to be online – on their smartphones.

Here are a few tips for marketers as we near the Super Bowl:

Focus on mobile first

According to a recently survey we conducted, one in five people will likely use their phone during the Super Bowl’s halftime show.* According to the New York Times, approximately 112 million viewers tuned in for last year’s Super Bowl. If the same numbers hold for this, it could mean 22 million people will be on their phones at halftime. This is a critical moment to reach consumers wherever they may be.

Make your call to action very clear within the content you decide to push

Our data also shows 41 percent of mobile users that click on an ad are doing so inadvertently.* Mobile marketers need to do a better job during the Super Bowl and beyond of ensuring the content they push is relevant to their audience’s experience and drives clicks with intent instead of accidental views.

Shorten time to action within mobile ads

Having a mobile strategy that integrates both mobile web and in app ads is important as mobile consumers are likely to make impulse buying decisions, want instant gratification and expect convenience. Therefore, running real-time dynamic ads with accurate content instead of static ads will help increase conversion rates. Deep linking the consumer directly from the ad into the exact state of an app to make a purchase will drive additional sales.

While these are just a few tips to consider around your marketing strategy as we approach the Super Bowl, there is one thing we know for sure – there are millions and millions of viewers, many of whom will be on their phones during the game. As a marketer, it presents many opportunities to reach your audience at the right time, in the right place with the right content to drive additional revenue.


*Survey Methodology:

Quixey commissioned SHIFT Communications to survey US online consumers about consumer mobile preferences. The survey was shown to 18,000+ people age 18+ with 2,133 responses, an 11.7% response rate, with a 95% confidence level. The survey was weighted against the US Census Bureau Current Population Survey for age, gender, and region of the United States to be representative of the population. Quixey was the sole investor in the survey. The survey took place on Dec. 10, 2015. For full data results email Quixey@shiftcomm.com