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Touch Me Not: Voice-Driven Actions

[Crowd Favorite at Quixey Hackfest 2016]

Mobile users are always on. Users are constantly reacting to notifications - social postings, messages, emails  - and are trying to complete tasks on-the-go. Actions such as playing music, getting directions, making calls and messaging are often distracting users, even while driving. We can make it safer!

Quixey allows partners to easily integrate Action Search into their mobile devices, platforms and applications to provide their users convenient solutions to everyday problems, making instant actions easily accessible and usable through voice commands.

Touch Me Not was a Quixey Hackfest 2016 project. It uses Quixey’s mobile breadcrumbs to enable users, while driving, to safely and efficiently complete tasks like messaging, playing music, making reservations at restaurants, etc. Actions can be easily invoked using voice, so visual interactions with a mobile device can be avoided.

The delivery mechanism in this case is a Quixey floating icon that can be activated through touch (or voice if a partner, e.g., a phone manufacturer, enables voice control). The application invokes Quixey Search to provide rich results with actions.

Easy choice. Easy action. Touch me not!

[Note that these features will be added to a future version of the app currently available in the Google Play Store.]